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Unmarried but want a baby? Get it in writing

Not married but want to have a baby with your partner?

Better be sure to get something in writing.

One Texas woman learned this the hard way. There's no same-sex marriage or divorce in that state, and although a judge recently ruled that she has standing to seek visitation of the child (who is now more than a year old), the woman has had to fight for it.

As David Taffet reports, same-sex marriage and divorce may not be legal in Texas, but many family law judges at the trial level - especially those in the larger cities - are starting to "understand that families come in all shapes and sizes."

But that doesn't mean all will be easy when it comes to a custody or visitation dispute.

Although the woman and her partner were together for a long time before they decided to have a child (the woman's partner was the one who carried the baby), they broke up shortly after the child was born.

Now she hasn't seen the child for months.

And with nothing in writing, there's no definitive way for the issue to be decided.

Source: Unplanned parenthood

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