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Attorney Spotlight

The next installment of Get To Know JC Law is focusing on Mark Sobel, Esq. Criminal Department Manager and Senior Litigator at JC Law. Mark has been at the firm for over 7 years.

He grew up in New York and went to undergrad at Touro College. He originally graduated with a degree in accounting but wanted more of a challenge, so he decided to go into law and graduated from Fordham with his JD. Mark worked at a small PI firm in New York for several years and then moved down to Baltimore to work for JC Law. He met with James Crawford Jr. Esq. and wanted to work with him, so he took the leap of faith and moved down to Baltimore.

The most challenging part of his job is the stress that comes with it. His job performance has a direct real-life impact on the clients he serves. The best career advice he’s ever received is to find what you love and stick to it. He is following through on that advice here at JC Law.

Mark has a wife and two kids. He enjoys watching football with his family during his free time. He is an avid New York Jets fan and roots for them every Sunday.

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