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Attorney Spotlight

February’s Edition of Get to Know JC Law features Domestic Supervising Attorney, Matthew Thumser, Esq. He started at JC Law as an Associate Attorney and recently climbed up the ranks to become a Supervising Attorney.

Matt is from Long Island, New York and came down to the Baltimore area to attend school at Towson University. He received his JD from Hofstra University. After passing the bar he returned to Maryland and started his journey at JC Law.

Matt wanted to become an attorney at a young age after participating in a trial law class in high school. He was drawn to family law as it’s something he can relate to, and he enjoys helping families in tough situations. The most challenging part of being an attorney according to Matt is not getting too emotionally invested in his cases. What he enjoys most about working at JC Law are the people, and the growth opportunities available to employees. The best career advice he’s been given is to make sure you enjoy what you are doing.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys rooting for the Mets, and Jets. He also likes watching older popular TV shows years after they were released.

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