The impact of marital problems on Maryland children

Maryland residents considering a divorce may be interested to learn of a study that has just been released that was conducted by the University of Notre Dame and the University of Rochester. The study found that the impact of children witnessing constant marital conflict is far greater than previously estimated.

The study found that depression and anxiety in teenagers can often be traced directly back to the emotional insecurity they experienced as a result of witnessing their parents’ constant bickering.

It is unknown how many of these children had parents who were divorced, but the harmful impact appears to be from the constant conflict between parents, rather than any actual separation or divorce between their parents.

Therefore, the theory of sticking it out for the kids, or remaining married until the kids grow up and leave home, appears to be flawed in some ways. It appears from this study that it is likely to be even more detrimental to children for their parents to remain in a bad marriage, fraught with conflict and bickering, than to pursue a divorce.

It actually appears that there are quite a few children who secretly yearn for their parents to call it quits, rather than to witness their constant fighting at home. Children tend to blame themselves when a conflict arises between parents, and this is also very detrimental to their self-esteem.

Divorce is emotionally and financially draining. However, it can often be the best solution for everyone involved. Child custody and visitation agreements can be crafted to suit the needs of everyone and there is a great deal of flexibility in working out a fair parenting plan that suits all parties.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Divorce Effect on Kids: Do You Wish Your Parents Had Split?,” Natasha Burton, June 15, 2012