Marriage is marriage in Maryland – even if ceremony done by telephone

In Maryland, a marriage conducted while one soon-to-be spouse participates by phone is just as valid as a marriage conducted with both parties under the same roof.

You just won’t be able to kiss the bride.

“The mounting recognition and research on distant marriages suggest that sometimes it may be a couple’s only option,” the judge said, referring to spouses who serve in the military or who are posted to a job in a different city.

And, as Andrea F. Siegel reports for the Baltimore Sun, the same goes for when the couple goes through a divorce. Maryland generally recognizes marriages performed in other states and countries – including those where one spouse participated in the ceremony by telephone.

“[T]he public policy in Maryland is very much in support of marriage,” one family law attorney said, as Siegel quotes, “regardless of how it’s done.”

This statement squares with the Nov. 2012 elections, during which Maryland voters upheld same-sex marriage under the Civil Marriage Protection Act.

Source: Marriage over telephone valid, Maryland court rules