U.S. government’s ‘most wanted deadbeat parent’

If what federal prosecutors say is true, he owes more than $1 million in past due child support, which he has been accumulating for over a decade.

He has three children from two prior marriages and is alleged to have failed to pay a single red cent in support.

Apparently hiding out in Thailand and having recently been deported from the Philippines, as the Connecticut Post reports, he was taken into custody in Los Angeles and will appear in Long Island federal court after the New Year.

A failure to pay child support is a serious issue, as it affects the ex-spouse or ex-partner who needs financial support to care for his or her children, as well as the children themselves, whose health and welfare are of the highest priority in any family law case.

And as this case makes clear, failure to pay child support can lead to criminal prosecution.

Source: Feds say NY man owes $1 million in child support