Young daughter adopted behind father’s back

As Joshua Rhett Miller reports for Fox News, a 31-year-old military service member, an Army drill instructor who had been serving away from his daughter, found his daughter given up for adoption while he was away.

Now the case has turned into a strange custody battle in which the adoptive family appears to be unwilling to let go of their adopted daughter.

What Happened

After the Army drill instructor accepted a position in Fort Jackson, he and his wife began having family trouble, which ultimately led to divorce. The couple had an unborn child on the way. His ex-wife wanted to adopt the child or have an abortion, but the 31-year-old refused.

After that, while he was away and without his consent or knowledge, his ex-wife put their daughter up for adoption through a third-party adoption agency.

The judge in the case has issued a 48-page ruling that ordered the soldier’s daughter’s return to him. The soldier is now hoping for a swift return, but it might not happen – the adoptive parents made a motion to stay the judge’s ruling, as Miller reports.

Source: Soldier whose daughter was adopted behind his back eagerly awaits her return