Army drill instructor gets custody of daughter after 21-month custody battle

As Brady McCombs reports for the Associated Press, Army drill instructor Terry Achane got custody of his two-year-old daughter after a lengthy fight involving the mother (who adopted the baby without his consent) and the adoptive parents. Although the judge had originally ordered Achane’s daughter’s return, the adoptive parents had filed a motion to stay that order.

But on Friday a week ago Achane received his daughter in the courtroom – the adoptive parents, reluctantly as it would appear, gave her up to him. (We say “reluctantly” because the adoptive parents have an appeal pending before the Utah Supreme Court.)

While the adoptive parents are said to have done a good job taking care of the girl for many months, the judge said that both the adoptive parents and the third-party adoption center “ignored” Achane when he tried to assert his parental rights.

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Source: Birth father finally gets custody of daughter