Convicted rapists not denied right to seek child custody in many states

Maryland is among a good number of states that do not proactively deny people convicted of rape from going after child custody when the victim has a child as a result of the rape, as Rae Hodge reports for a local affiliate of National Public Radio.

Roughly 25,000 to 32,000 women become pregnant after rape every year in the U.S., based on estimates.

It’s not clear how many accused rapists (and those who were actually convicted of the offense) ultimately decide to seek child custody rights when the victim has a child.

In other words, any measures passed to prohibit accused rapists from seeking child custody may simply benefit the politician who sponsors the bill, rather than do much for victims of rape.

After all, a bill going through the Kentucky legislature is not expected to face much, if any, opposition.

But, from the perspective of a victim, such a measure would likely make sense, even if such a case seldom happens. The state politician sponsoring the bill said: “I’ve got two daughters. I wouldn’t want any human being to go through that.”