American Academy of Pediatrics endorses same-sex marriage

If there’s one universal thread running through divorce and family law cases involving children throughout the U.S., it’s the question asking what’s best for the kids. It’s the “best interests” standard, where the court and family lawyers and the parties work to resolve issues of child support, spousal support, custody, and visitation in a way that benefits the kids.

In other words, it is almost like “kids first, parents second,” though what’s truly in the best interests of the kids is often (but not always) also in the interests of the divorcing or separating parents.

The American Academy of Pediatrics added more support to this standard recently, in the form of a same-sex marriage endorsement. As the Houston Chronicle reports, the AAP said: “Children thrive in families that are stable and that provide permanent security, and the way we do that is through marriage.”

The AAP’s endorsement seems to bridge opposing political party lines, those for same-sex marriage and those against it, because children are the focus, rather than gender. The AAP views same-sex marriage as a non-issue when it comes to the healthy development of kids.

By the same token, unfortunately, what makes a healthy marriage a great environment for kids, regardless of the gender of the parents, is the same thing that makes divorce such a great stressor for kids. And when same-sex couples get divorced, we presume that kids will feel the hurt just as much.

Source: Pediatrician: Marriage is the best option for gay parents