Just ‘Give Up’ In Child Custody Battle? Not So Fast

A woman who went through a painful child custody battle shares her story on the Huffington Post. The bottom line: Don’t fight a losing battle. That’s what she says all the experts told her, from the divorce lawyer to the appellate lawyer to therapists and psychologists. They all told her the same thing: Give your ex-husband what he wants.

They said he had too much money and was the type of person who would sink his teeth in and never give up. If she continued the battle, she’d be utterly drained in the end – drained of life energy, not to mention financial resources. “Give him what he wants” was the refrain.

The trouble was that what he wanted was sole custody of their child, which is a very tough thing for any parent to just give up on.

The woman’s story had a happy ending (she did end up giving up, but that resulted in her ex-husband realizing that he didn’t want all the child-rearing responsibility after all) but, in the end, it’s just an anecdote.

What happened here doesn’t mean that you should give up, too. She does say that there are circumstances in which you shouldn’t give up: when there’s child abuse, for instance, or when the parent with custody wants to move away.

But this story, ultimately, describes just one case. Should you “give up” if you’re facing a child custody dispute? Not so fast. You need to figure that out for yourself, with the help of a lawyer and other family law professionals.

Source: Custody Battles: Are They Worth The Fight?