New Organization Pushes Truly-Equal Custody Arrangements

Gail Rosenblum with the Star Tribune reports that the organization Leading Women for Shared Parenting officially opens for business this Father’s Day. What makes the organization unique is its leadership: all of them are women. And they’re pushing to make custody arrangements truly equal when it comes to how much time noncustodial fathers get to spend with their children (as well as noncustodial mothers).

Rosenblum says there’s an “immediate power imbalance” in many joint custody arrangements after divorce. One parent ends up getting limited time with his or her children, every other weekend and one weeknight, “if they’re lucky,” while the other parent with physical custody gets the bulk of the time.

Leading Women for Sharing Parenting seeks to change that.

Essentially, the advocacy organization proposes to give equal parenting more force in divorce and family law. This means reforming the way it is now (with the power imbalance). As one example, fewer mothers would get sole physical custody, which would give fathers an opportunity to enjoy a larger role as a parent.

Source: Divorced dads get big gift from fired-up moms