Three Divorce Trends: Fewer Divorces, Women Initiating Divorce, And ‘Grey Divorce’

Jeff Landers for Forbes writes about three recent trends he has observed in his work as a financial consultant for women facing divorce. These trends are (1) the decrease in the number of people getting married also means that fewer couples are getting divorced; (2) women initiate divorce proceedings in the majority of cases, not men; and (3) so-called “grey divorce,” referring to older couples getting divorced, is increasing.

Landers writes that there are a number of reasons behind the trends he is seeing.

As for the decreasing divorce rate, it’s not that couples aren’t breaking up, it’s just that more couples are living together without getting married. So when they do break up, it’s just a break up, not a divorce.

As for women initiating the majority of divorce proceedings, Landers writes that this could be because of rising economic and financial independence among women, along with “social acceptance,” meaning that a woman can choose to divorce these days without her friends and family looking down their noses at her.

As for grey divorce, financial independence again plays a role in the rising number of older couples getting divorced, and, probably, the large population of senior citizens who find themselves living longer and no longer tied down to the social stigma of divorce.

Source: Not Your Mother’s Divorce: Three 21st Century Trends