NBA star dealing with complex child support case

Although Steve Nash may be one of the best NBA players of all time, this doesn’t mean he gets a free pass when it comes to child support laws. He is finding this out the hard way, as the NBA superstar is locked in a court battle with his ex-wife.

The current Los Angeles Lakers point guard has been dueling it out with his ex in an Arizona appellate court. According to a recent report, Nash may find himself paying additional child support for the three children he has with his ex-wife.

Earlier this week, a Court of Appeals panel’s ruling states that a judge must consider requiring Nash to pay more than what is considered the basic needs of the three children.

The court also upheld a recent order barring Nash and his ex from speaking poorly about each other on social media sites, something that both parties have resorted to over the past few months.

The star’s ex has taken to her Twitter account to criticize Nash repeatedly after their divorce was granted.

While the couple filed for divorce in 2011, this case is just now coming to light. This goes a long way in showing how long it can take for child support cases to progress.

Although the drama is far from over, the case is moving forward and Nash will soon know how much child support he is expected to pay his ex to care for their two daughters and one son.

If you find yourself fighting with an ex partner regarding child support, there is no better time than now to contact an experienced attorney who has knowledge of child support laws in your state. You may find that you are entitled to receive additional funds, more than the current amount, to care for your children.


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