Murder suspect being asked to pay child support

In many cases, there is no gray area when it comes to child support. However, this is not always the way things work out. There are situations in which the person who owes the money is unable or unwilling to pay for one reason or the next.

An interesting story has come to light with the grandmother of a six-year-old girl seeking child support from a former University of Pittsburgh researcher who has been jailed in the poisoning death of his wife.

As you can imagine, when the party who potentially owes child support is in jail it makes the process of receiving the money much more complicated. In this case, there is even more uncertainty due to the fact that the girl’s mother was killed and the maternal grandmother now has custody.

One thing the grandmother has going for her is the fact that the suspect’s assets have been frozen by the court. The frozen assets, which include everything but $280,000 for legal fees, can be used for restitution if the alleged is convicted. This doesn’t mean the grandmother is going to receive some of the money to help raise the child, but it is something that will definitely be considered.

A judge is set to hear the petition on September 18, 2013. At that time, the grandmother will have the chance to plead her side of the story in an attempt to collect child support from the suspect.

Whether you are involved in a “simple” child support case or one that is extremely complicated, your best bet is to contact an experienced attorney at once. This person can help position you for success in the courtroom. Whether you live in Maryland, or another state, child support is a serious matter and it should be treated as such whether you are the person requesting support or the person who is expected to pay.


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