Jane Lynch seeks divorce, wife seeks alimony

As more and more states, Maryland included, legalize same-sex marriage, it follows naturally that issues will same-sex divorce will also arise. Generally speaking, same-sex couples have the same marital troubles that traditional couples do, and this inevitably leads to issues with divorce, child support, and alimony.

Jane Lynch, a star actor on the hit show “Glee,” announced earlier this summer that she would be divorcing her wife of three years, Dr. Lara Embry. The two were married in Massachusetts in June of 2010.

In an interview with Larry King, Lynch initially indicated that the split was consensual, and that the two would remain friends.

This isn’t always easy during a divorce, however. Though couples sometimes start the separation on friendly footing, disagreements over the division of property and spousal support can often drive a wedge between the couple. During such proceedings, it is important for attorneys and moderators to try to maintain a civil atmosphere that works toward the common goal of an equitable split. If a divorce becomes acrimonious, it can be much more difficult and time-consuming for all parties involved.

Unfortunately, there are indications that this may be happening in the divorce between Lynch and Embry. Embry recently asked the court for spousal support, which is better known as alimony. Generally, spousal support is given to a nonworking spouse from a working spouse, and it is intended to assist the transition back into the working world.

In this case, however, Lynch refused Embry’s request and petitioned the court to refrain from offering spousal support. This is just a single step in a much longer legal process to determine the details of the separation; only time will tell how the issue will be resolved.


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