Celebrity couples need help with child custody dispute

Divorce proceedings can get nasty regardless of whether you live a celebrated life in Los Angeles or an anonymous one in Baltimore. The public loves a good gossip story, but underneath the raw emotion of divorce, feelings come up and resentments can turn the whole process nasty.

When one reality star ended her stint on the “The Real Housewives of New York” series, the topic of divorce came up more easily.

While social media was abuzz with speculation she would be testifying in divorce court, she did go public in a scathing criticism of her husband’s joy of being the center of attention on national television.

With a great deal of money at stake, along with child custody issues, many wonder when this mess will come to rest and what will become of the children. Fans of the couple’s reality show probably saw it coming, as the divorce took off spewing ill-will.

Issues that came to light were trivial ones. Which spouse was more desirous of the television spotlight, and who was more involved in climbing the stairs to fame. These were matters taking up huge amounts of court time, and when she revealed her husband wanted everything exposed on their show, stopping only at the doors of their bedroom, the public might have said “enough.”

Hell hath no fury, they say, as the housewife star claimed her husband was taking advantage of her celebrity fame. She claims he had threatened her if she decided to end their marriage.

At the end of the day, the children get caught in the bickering. One can only hope the courts will step in and scrutinize the details of an angry celebrity couple, who might feel their own images are more important than the fate of their children.

If you struggle with child custody disputes in the state of Maryland, you might want to confer with knowledgeable legal professionals who can help you provide for your future and that of your children.