Amicable splits on the rise in modern cases of divorce

Baltimore’s own Charm City Cakes is featured in a recent article discussing a new way to look at divorce. For years, divorce has always been viewed as a terrible time in the lives of both parties. The act itself was often viewed as an acknowledgment of a mutual failure to cooperate in one of the most time-tested traditions of our society.

Now, a new movement is underway between divorcing couples that is putting a positive spin on the formally somber act. So called “divorce parties” have begun breaking out across the country in lieu of the traditional angry separation. “Freedom fests”, as some people have begun to refer to these small celebrations of disunion, often feature upside down or black colored wedding cakes as their central component. In fact a celebrity chef and baker who owns Charm City Cakes here in Baltimore says that he’s been making divorce cakes as symbols of a couple going their separate ways for a decade now.

One man interviewed for the story says that he and his wife went through a “conscious uncoupling” when they divorced, just like celebrity actress Gwyneth Paltrow recently did. He said that it was especially important to him and his ex-wife to bring closure to their relationship because there were also kids involved. The couple wanted their kids to view the divorce less as the termination of their relationship, but rather as the beginning of a new arrangement between co-parents. It should also be noted that the couple also managed to keep their business relationship together. The ex-wife works for a company owned by the ex-husband.

Of course, divorce still remains a very emotionally charged experience for most, and it still is wise to consult with a family law professional before embarking on such a life-altering event. There will be issues to resolve regarding the custody and support of the children, as well as visitation rights and schedules for the non-custodial parent. There will be assets and property to be divided in most cases as well. Bearing that in mind, a less contentious divorce might be a better life decision for some couples.

Source: The Daily Record, “Today’s divorces can mean cake and eating it, too” No author given, May. 28, 2014