Maryland law makes deadbeat parents report winnings from gambling

A new law could have a large impact on people who enjoy gambling and making money at it in Maryland, at least as long as they also have some money due in child support payments. This law, which recently passed and will start being enforced on the first of October, is going to make those parents report what they have won, and this will be included in their overall income. It was passed by the Maryland General Assembly.

A delegate who sponsored the bill noted that people sometimes attempt to avoid making child support payments. She pointed out that the needs of the children should be put first.

That delegate said that some of the problem comes from money earned while gambling. She said that people would point to a low income from their daily job and claim that they were not bringing in enough money to be able to make their payments. However, according to her, some of them were actually making quite a lot more on the side due to their success at gambling.

She stressed that the source of someone’s income should not matter, saying that she did not want them to search for loopholes, no matter how they made money.

When this bill takes effect, it will make it so that earnings from things like poker or slot machines must be reported along with income from a more traditional job. It is important that parents in Maryland understand how this works and what it means for them in a legal sense, especially if they have outstanding child support payments that they have not been making on a regular basis.

Source:¬†Your 4 State, “New Law Requires Deadbeat Parents to Report Gambling Winnings” Dawn White, Jun. 10, 2014