Young people increasingly throwing divorce parties

Young people who get divorced often look at it a bit differently than those who are older, as they may see it as something more closely linked to freedom than to sorrow. Many of them are also throwing parties to celebrate their divorces. Another sign that the overall outlook is not as negative as one might expect. Much of the time, these parties do things in reverse.

For instance, one woman who got divorced ordered a cake from the same baker who had originally made her wedding cake, saying that the dessert had turned out to be the best thing about the day. This new cake was designed to look like it was crushing the groom.

Another woman invited the bridesmaid who had been able to snag the bouquet that she threw out at her wedding, in keeping with the common tradition. This time, she had that bridesmaid take a bouquet and toss it back over to her.

Many people who celebrate a divorce are not bitter or angry. A man in Texas said that the split was a purposeful decision that the couple wanted to celebrate because, as he put it, it was a “conscious uncoupling.”

While not all parties are the same, there are special divorce party cakes that are made for the occasion. Some of them show the bride and groom on the top, with a slice cut out of the cake to break them up. One cake company in Baltimore, Maryland, makes a cake that is tiered just like a standard wedding cake, but it is upside down with the smallest tier on the bottom. The cake is finished with black frosting instead of white.

Even though the outlook on divorce may be different for young couples than older ones, the legal challenges may be the same. For this reason, it is important for them to understand their legal rights from beginning to end.

Source: Lehigh Valley Live, “Today’s divorces can mean having an actual cake and eating it, too” No author given, Jun. 21, 2014