Challenges transgender women face when it comes to child custody

Changes have been made to the way that transgender individuals are treated in many parts of the United States. For example, Maryland just set up nondiscrimination protections that are meant to help these individuals in the workplace and elsewhere, saying that they cannot be discriminated against on the basis of their gender identity. The state is not alone, either, as 17 other states did the same thing before Maryland.

On top of that, the special health needs that a transgender individual may have are being recognized when it comes to health care. There used to be exclusions for these types of things, but those exclusions were recently lifted when looking at Medicare plans and the insurance plans that are given out to employees of the federal government.

However, there are still many challenges being faced by both transgender individuals and drag queens. For instance, cross dressers have run into problems when trying to get custody of their children. It is reported that there are millions of cross dressers who could face these issues.

To some degree, there is a rift between these two groups. Some transgender individuals do not want to be referenced along with cross dressers, saying that it could lead people to question or to not fully understand their identities.

When looking into child custody rights, those who have a gender identity that does not always fit with common stereotypes need to know what rights they still have. If they are afraid that those rights are being denied to them — if they are not being given custody of their children, for instance — they should know what legal options they have under the changing laws.

Source: Think Progress, “The Quiet Clash Between Transgender Women And Drag Queens,” June 25, 2014