Moving through a divorce and learning from a high school reunion

A woman recently related that she was thinking of skipping her high school reunion, the celebration of two decades passing since she had graduated. In that time, she had been married for 13 years, but she had also gotten divorced. This made her feel like she had failed, and she did not know if she could go to the reunion with that on her mind.

However, she changed her mind when one of her friends told her it was more about how she chose to act than anything else. The friend said that people would take their cues from that, react to it and treat her accordingly.

The friend pointed out that there were two basic options. First, she could go to the reunion and act like she thought she was a failure — like the divorce signified that. Second, she could go there and act both strong and happy, like the divorce had been a positive change that made her life better.

The woman took that advice and went to the reunion, and she was surprised by how people acted toward her. Because of the connection of social media, she said most people did not even bring up the divorce, already knowing about it. She also said that, since she hadn’t seen them in 20 years, people just looked at her the same way that they did back in high school.

While a divorce in Maryland can be hard, it is important for people to know what legal steps to take to get through any lingering issues as quickly as they can. This can help them to move on smoothly so that they can continue to enjoy their lives.

Source: Huffington Post, “Divorce, Redemption and My 20th High School Reunion” Heather Sweeney, Jul. 14, 2014