Maryland eye doctor in trouble for child support

In a rare move, Maryland’s Board of Physicians has stripped a Montgomery County, Maryland, eye surgeon of his license to practice medicine due to his failure to pay child support. According to a spokesperson with the licensing board, the suspension of a medical license for failure to pay child support is one of only five instances known to have ever happened.

A website owned by the former Rockville, Maryland, doctor shows that the eye surgeon is currently working in Kuwait. It is unclear whether he fled Maryland in order to avoid making payments. News investigators found court documents indicating that the doctor’s ex-wife has been awarded multiple judgments against the doctor over the past nine years. The eye surgeon reportedly owes over $100,000 in arrears.

If you are a Maryland parent who owes child support, there are several things you should know. Maryland law allows the state to seize income tax returns, lottery winnings and even garnish substantial portions of your wages. Additionally, failure to pay can also result in the loss of your professional licenses as well as your driving, boating and hunting licenses.

In many cases, a modification to child support orders can be obtained with help from an attorney. If you have experienced a significant change in your income, health or ability to earn money you may be able to demonstrate a need to reduce your payments.

Additionally, modifications of child support orders can also be obtained in many cases where the living situation has changed for your child. It may be possible to receive a reduction in the court ordered amount if it can be established that the child resides with you for a substantial period of time.

Source: WJLA-ABC 7, “Maryland doctor stripped of license after failing to pay child support” Joce Sterman, Sep. 15, 2014