Getting fair results in child support cases

No matter which side of the child custody situation you are on in the wake of a divorce, you deserve to have a fair and just child support agreement worked out. You have rights that must be upheld, your children have rights and needs that must be considered, and all decisions must fit within the law.

If you do not have custody of your children and the court has ordered you to make payments, are the amounts appropriate based on Maryland law? Did the judge take into account your real financial situation so that the payments will not become a hardship? Are changes in that financial situation not being addressed, even though they should be? These are all crucial questions to ask as you work through the legal process.

If you have been given custody of your child and payments are supposed to made to you from your ex, is your ex actually making those payments on time? Are you getting the total amount of money, or are you being shorted? Do you feel like the amount that your ex was ordered to pay does not seem sufficient for your actual needs — and the needs of your child?

As you can see, there are many issues that can come up on both sides. This can be a difficult subject for ex-spouses, as finances and money issues are tough to work out while you are married, let along after a split. You need to know what rights and legal options are out there. If you want to learn more, we hope you will check out our helpful webpage on the subject today.