High-profile divorce coincides with 1 spouse’s indictment

On Nov. 3, the husband of a former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader was granted a divorce from his wife following their separation for more than a year. According to the husband’s attorney, the couple’s split had nothing to do with his wife’s recent indictment for her alleged sexual involvement with a minor.

On the same day the divorce was finalized, a grand jury handed down an indictment against the former cheerleader on charges of third-degree rape, unlawful sexual contact and providing alcohol to minors. The charges stem from an alleged tryst between the former cheerleader and a 15-year-old classmate of one of her children. Prosecutors are alleging that the ex-wife engaged in sexual activity with the teenage boy and also provided alcohol to other youngsters.

A family spokesman told reporters that the recently divorced husband, a well-known Maryland energy mogul, is disturbed and dismayed by the allegations now facing his ex-wife. The former husband currently has custody of the couple’s children.

Maryland residents contemplating divorce have many important decisions to make. There will undoubtedly be issues regarding the division of assets and property. If children are involved in the divorce, then there must also be negotiation regarding custody, child support and visitation rights. There may also be some discussion regarding spousal support if one spouse may be financially disadvantaged by the breakup.

If you are currently considering ending your marriage, a consultation with an experienced Maryland family law attorney can prove invaluable in helping you to determine your most likely favorable outcome based on your particular circumstances. These meetings can potentially save you both time and money regardless of whether you wish to relocate out-of-state or simply preserve the integrity of your considerable assets.

Source: CBS-Baltimore, “Ex-Ravens Cheerleader Officially Divorced On Day Of Rape Indictment” Nov. 11, 2014