The importance of legal representation early in your divorce

There are a host of complications you will likely face if you are contemplating a divorce involving children. Most spouses who share children together pool their resources in order to provide for their kids daily needs. This includes the daily guidance and supervision of those children as well as ensuring that they have a safe residence and access to proper medical care. The majority of parents with children depend on income earned by both spouses in order to meet those goals.

Unfortunately, a Maryland divorce can take quite some time to resolve. Frequent readers of our online blog may recall a previous article in which we talked about Maryland’s requirement of a 12-month separation¬†between spouses during limited divorce actions. This can leave some parents struggling to maintain the same level of care for their children that existed prior to the start of the divorce proceedings.

This is why it may be in your best interest to retain legal representation early in your divorce. Your attorney can request what is known as a “pendente lite” hearing at the opening stages of your divorce. Pendente lite simply means pending litigation. However, it represents an important step for courts to decide several crucial matters in the meantime as your divorce proceedings get underway. Typically, Maryland family courts can make temporary decisions regarding the custody and visitation rights involving children of divorcing parents.

It is important for you to know that Maryland courts will always consider the best interests of any children involved as the primary factor when determining pendente lite orders. That’s why having a forceful advocate in the courtroom can help you present your wishes regarding the care, custody and support of your child to the court.

Since 1992, our law firm provided experienced legal advocacy for clients throughout Maryland. We represent individuals seeking temporary relief in providing adequate care for their children during divorce. We also help clients who want to remain involved in their children’s lives throughout the divorce process. Although our primary offices are located in Baltimore, our law firm has additional offices in Catonsville, Annapolis and Bel Air for the convenience of our clients