Controlling your own destiny through divorce

If you are currently considering divorce, you need to know that Maryland is considered a “no-fault” divorce state. Basically, that means that either spouse can move for divorce by simply citing “irreconcilable differences”. This is a significant advantage to individuals in marriages where both spouses may have simply grown apart from each other over time. This does not mean that you don’t necessarily care about your spouse’s well-being, but you wish to be free to explore living alone.

In a previous post on our online blog, we discussed how women now account for the majority of spouses filing for divorce. Experts are split as to why this is happening more frequently than in the past, but many believe that the increased presence of women in the workplace as well as their ability to acquire their own wealth has enabled women to seek divorce with less difficulty than in the past.

This is important because although you may not have any control over the direction your relationship is headed, you can control the direction of your divorce in many aspects. A good example of this is a pre-court settlement with your spouse. These agreements are essentially contracts formed amicably between spouses in an effort to save time and money and avoid stressful trials. These can be a particular use for couples who have simply ran out of steam in their marriages, yet still get along.

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