Restoring the balance in your Maryland child custody case

There are rarely any clear winners in divorces involving children. The fact is that children benefit enormously from having both parents actively involved in their care and development. Even the most amicable split between spouses will nevertheless create a physical separation between the children of divorce and one of their parents.

You need to know that obtaining a good parenting plan that allows you sufficient visitation with your child can go a long way towards minimizing the adverse effects of living in a separate residence from your child. This is not always easy because in many joint custody arrangements between divorced spouses and their children a judge’s decision can create an immediate power imbalance between the parents.

We previously wrote about this phenomenon in an article on our blog. In that article we discussed how far too often parents who are awarded physical custody of a child automatically enjoy the bulk of the time with the child. Whereas, far too many noncustodial parents wind up only having their child every other weekend, plus one weekday if they are fortunate.

That’s why having a family law attorney familiar with Maryland’s child custody laws can prove extremely beneficial in some cases. An attorney can argue that your ability as a caregiver should be taken into account with regards to your ability to provide for the child with something more meaningful than just money. For example, the relationship the child has with your parents, or the proximity of your residence to the child’s school or other relatives may influence a court to consider the child’s best interests when determining enhanced custody.

Alternatively, an attorney can argue against balancing joint custody in situations where a parent’s lifestyle or environment may not be conducive to a child’s development. In those cases sole or very limited joint custody might be a better balance based on what is best for the child.

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