Little ways to eliminate divorce stress

For the majority of people in Baltimore who get divorced, the process is going to be pretty stressful. There is just so much to think about, from your legal rights to your child custody situation to what you’re going to do financially after the split. While it’s wise to take time to carefully think over all of these things, you also want to know how to eliminate as much stress as possible, and you can do it by:

— Using email to contact your ex. While talking on the phone or meeting in person can be too hard, email is often easier because you can do it on your time and without hearing the other person’s voice. This way, you still work out all of those important details.

— Providing as much support for your kids as you can. You want your relationship with them to stay strong. Also, doing this can help to take your mind off of the divorce itself, as you just think about being a parent and how much you love your children.

— Making sure your records are all complete and up to date. Much stress is brought on when you and your spouse disagree about something—like how much money was in a bank account—and having accurate records can get rid of this problem.

— Transforming your home. Spend some time redecorating. Get rid of the things your ex bought or gave to you. Make it into a new home, even if it’s the same building, so that it is a stress free zone where you and your children can live, starting your new lives together.

Source: Huffington Post, “7 Small Things That Can Make Divorce A Little Less Stressful,” Brittany Wong, accessed Sep. 24, 2015