Online dating could show up during a divorce case

According to some experts, people who turn to online dating are often more than willing to lie, sometimes by changing details and other times just by leaving things out. They think this will get them more dates and increase their chances of finding a match.

However, this can sometimes be used in divorce cases. In fact, those who are getting divorced and dating at the same time may find people they’ve gone out with brought to court and asked to testify.

The reason this can happen is that a person who is separated from his or her spouse, but not yet divorced, may still list that he or she is single on a dating site. People who then go out with this individual may never be told that the person is technically married, and by dating anyway, is not being faithful to the spouse.

Now, people may assume this is fine since the two are moving toward a divorce anyway. However, infidelity is often brought up in these cases, either as a way to show why the divorce has to happen or as part of the child custody case—showing that the person is not committed to the family or to his or her children.

Therefore, the other spouse may find out that the person has been using online dating sites and have the record of these dates used in court. When someone has distinctly lied on an online dating profile, this can create problems or make it harder to get custody of the children in some instances.

It’s important to understand how all activities during the divorce case may be viewed and analyzed by the court, and the legal impact this can have in Baltimore.

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