Abigail Beichler

With a legal focus on domestic cases and a background in criminal defense, Abbey is determined to see justice done for individuals in their time of greatest need, fueled by her passion for thoughtful, mission-oriented preparation. With Abbey at your side, know that your case will be handled with the attention and respect it deserves.

What Does It Mean To Be A Non-Custodial Parent in Maryland?

You want to take care of your kids, even after a divorce. But, what do you do when you know...

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Is Virtual Infidelity a Ground for Divorce in Maryland?

Many potential and current clients ask JC Law if their ex's virtual infidelity — the act of...

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Who Pays for a Divorce in Maryland? (Usually You, Sometimes Them.)

Money talks – especially during a divorce. So who’s going to pay for this divorce, anyway?

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How to Get a Fast Divorce: 13 Tips to Shorten Your Time in Court

A seamless, fast divorce seems nice and easy in theory. However, depending on your relationship,...

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The Two Types of Divorce in Maryland: Which Should You Choose?

Just like every marriage is different – every divorce is different, too.

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