James E. Crawford, Jr.

Jim believes that the power to change the life of even one client is worth more than any amount of money or prestige. That's why he's spent just about every day of his working career in a Maryland courtroom, giving clients their opportunity for justice.

Peace Orders In Maryland Explained

What Is a Peace Order?

A peace order is a court order. It is used to stop a certain person from...

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Personal Loans & Divorce In Maryland

What Are Personal Loans?

Personal loans are short term debt obligations. These loans are taken out...

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Bank Accounts & Divorce

Some couples may decide to combine their assets when they get married. This is accomplished by...

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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce In Maryland

In this blog, we will cover the most frequently asked questions in regards to divorce in Maryland....

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Child custody and Visitation - How to Spend Time With Your Child Post Divorce

What Types of Custody Are There?

Physical custody and legal custody are the only child custody...

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Fundamentals in Divorce: Grounds for Separation, Absolute vs limited Divorce

What Are The Current Kinds of Divorce in Maryland?

There are two primary types of divorce that can...

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Prenuptial Agreements in Maryland - Protect What’s Yours When It's Over.

Maryland Prenuptial Agreements

It is rather rare nowadays for married couples to not have a...

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Divorce and Debt: Understand How They Collide and Affect Each Other

Divorce is never an easy decision. Dissolving a marriage can be a very emotional process. It...

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How Can Maryland Residents Fight A Voluntary Manslaughter Charge?

The difference between voluntary and involuntary manslaughter is fairly self-evident. Voluntary...

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Violent Crimes: What Is Considered First-Degree Murder in Maryland?

Homicide crimes, in which one individual kills another individual, are classified in varying...

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Is The Truth Used in Criminal Defense Cases?

People sometimes make the mistake of thinking that criminal defense cases in Maryland, simply focus...

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Violent Crimes Allegations Come in Many Varieties

Did you know that you can be charged with a variety of different crimes after the death of another...

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Understanding Child Custody and Protective Orders

Domestic abuse is a serious problem in this country. For many decades, it was swept quietly under a...

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The Problem of False Domestic Violence Complaints.

Domestic violence happens every day in Maryland, and the negative effects it has on families and...

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Is a Maryland Protective Order Enforceable in Another State?

If you have had a protective order issued against you, it is important to know what you can and...

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Can Military Members Defend Property Forcefully in Maryland?

As a military member in Maryland, you may think that because you have a right to have weapons in...

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Federal Crimes: Avoid Serious Punishments At The Federal Level

In Maryland, if you are accused of a federal crime, you need to understand that the weight of...

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Why a Criminal Defense Attorney is Important For Parents

It is not a surprise for teenagers to make mistakes. When you are young, things that can be against...

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False Accusations: Fighting Back With Evidence And The Truth

False accusations can hurt your reputation from the moment the accusation is made. Before you're...

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Is Sexting a Crime When Minors Willingly Send Photos?

Is sexting a crime you should worry about if you're a minor? Can someone accuse you of doing...

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