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Young Couples and Divorce in Maryland

Some people may choose to get married before they’re really ready to enter into a long-term relationship. They may think that they’ve found “the one,” are trying to rebel against their parents or may feel a need to enter into marriage due to pregnancy or other...

How to Expedite a Divorce in Maryland

How long does it take to get divorced in Maryland? Every divorce case is different. Some divorces may be granted after a few weeks or months. Other cases may not be settled until a year or more has passed. The type of divorce that is requested, the reason (also known...

Crime as Grounds for Divorce in Maryland

What is a crime? A committed crime is an unlawful or illegal act. The action may be punished by local, state or federal jurisdiction. There are many types of activities that have been classified as crimes in the United States. The type of crime will usually determine...