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Do I Say 'Yes' on a Background Check for a DUI? Lawyer Says...

Welcome to "Lawyer Says," our new column where JC Law attorneys field real questions asked by...

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Your DUI Records: Where to Get Them, Who Can See Them, and How to 'Hide' Them

So, you got pulled over and the office wrote you up for a possible DUI. It’s not a conviction...

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7 Simple Ways to Support a Friend Who Got a DUI

It’s a common enough story, at least in pre-Covid times. You and your friend go out for drinks...

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JC Law Monthly Matters for January 2021: Firm News & Updates

Happy New Year! May 2021 have 100% fewer new pandemics than 2020 did.

Meanwhile, here's the...

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The Weekly Writ: Maryland Legal News You Can Use for December 28, 2020

Today on December 28, 2020, as we get ready to leave 2020 in the rear view mirror, read about:

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