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There Is No Such Thing As An Insignificant Sex Crime Charge

Don’t expect the fact that you are “innocent” or even “cooperating” with the police to keep you out of jail – or off the sex offender registry. At least, not without an experienced defense attorney.

Most sex crimes are subject to sex offender registration – a Draconian consequence that will follow you around for the rest of your life. Even a less serious charge such as prostitution can cause consequences ranging from profound embarrassment to divorce.

“I had managed to get myself in some pretty serious trouble, and [Jim Crawford] seemed like the best choice. The disposition of the case was really much better than I or my family could have reasonably expected. I did everything that he asked me to do, and I let him do his job.”

– A former client

Why Remaining Silent Makes Sense

The term “sex crime” covers a surprisingly broad range of criminal charges. If you are accused of a sex crime, do not talk to the police. No police, no matter how friendly they may seem. Often, people convict themselves under manipulation by police and court officials. Law enforcement officials will attempt to get you into the police station, isolate you, scare you and get you either to confess or to provide incriminating information.

We can help with such sex crime matters as:

Any sex crime prosecution or conviction can be devastating. It could include state or federal prison, and or lifetime registration as a sex offender.  We truly empathize and understand the stress and fear that occurs when you find yourself in this situation. Now is the time to think clearly and obtain counsel before speaking with a detective or agent.

Overcoming False Allegations

Sex crime allegations have immense power to disrupt and devastate your life. This gives a motivated person plenty of reason to manufacture a charge against you. Still, even when you are completely innocent of a charge, you cannot hesitate to take every available step to defend yourself.

Building A Strong Sex Crime Defense

Aside from proving that the allegations against you are false, there are many possible defenses against such crimes. However, the correct defense for you will take into account the relevant facts of the case. We can review:

  • The evidence against you
  • The prosecution’s strategy
  • Your alibi
  • The witness statements

Once done, we can craft a legal strategy to protect your rights. We know this is a difficult moment, but we promise to fight for your rights.

Get Help Today

There is no advantage to trying to go it alone, even if you’re scared. We won’t lie, facing any sex crime charge is serious. However, we’ve helped many clients get through this, and we can help you. Call our office in Baltimore, Maryland at (888) JCLaw-10 or send us an email to schedule a free consultation.

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