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There is no way around it. If at any age you have been arrested or accused of sexting, or your teenage son or daughter has been arrested or accused of sexting, you will have to do any and everything you can to defend yourself against the charges. Every sex crime is serious business; one involving sexting is no exception.

What Is Sexting?

Sexting, simply put, is sending or receiving sexually explicit text messages with a mobile device. These messages can be words, images, videos, or all of the above. As widespread users of mobile phones and other devices, teens have received significant attention for sexting. The problem is that a teen (or anyone else) can get in hot water by sexting.

About Sexting Laws In Maryland

Here’s how you can get in trouble by sexting:

  • Child pornography. Having sexually explicit text messages of minors on a mobile device can lead to child pornography charges for creation, possession, and distribution. Even minors themselves can get charged.
  • Exploitation of a minor. Sending a sexually explicit or suggestive text messages to a minor can result in child sexual abuse charges.

The simple act of sending a text to another person can have unintended consequences, given that words, images, and videos can easily be shared and disturbed online.

Even teens can face felony child pornography charges because of sexting.

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