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Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys for Sexual Misconduct Investigations

Attorneys at JC Law

Law enforcement exists to bring criminals to justice and protect the public good. But, what happens when that duty is perverted due to false accusations of sexual misconduct.

Sex investigations can be deadly for someone’s career and life. That’s why you need The Law Office of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates, LLC, as soon as you find out someone’s made claims: To keep false charges from ever being brought against you.

What Happens In A Sex-Crime Investigation?

An allegation of sexual misconduct is law enforcement’s first step in bringing charges against you. They will immediately try to bring you in to “talk” with a detective or other law enforcement representative.

Oftentimes, people who are innocent think they can prove their innocence by cooperating without question. After all, if they hire an attorney, they look guilty, right?

Nope. They take the investigation seriously and want to prevent charges from ever being filed.

During sex offense investigations, the allegations quickly escalate into an uncontrollable situation that sticks you in a negative light – even before a trial is scheduled.

How Can Criminal Defense Attorneys Help? It’s Just An Investigation!

Criminal defense attorneys defend clients wherever they need help – inside and outside of a courtroom, and even before charges are filed.

Experienced criminal defense attorneys who’ve worked with hundreds of sex offense cases – such as the ones you’ll find at JC Law – will:

  • Examine any apparent evidence
  • Discuss allegations with apparent witnesses
  • Seek a gag order to keep the allegations away from the public
  • Review background of accuser for signs of ulterior motives
  • Analyze investigator work to look for bias or mistakes

The goal is to stop charges from being filed against you in the first place. Countering allegations as soon as possible is vital to that effort. In these cases, the prosecutor understands that they’d have an uphill battle if they wanted to press charges.

“The attorney we met with was honest about our options. He answered all of our questions and gave his best professional advice to move forward.”

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