Divorce Mediation

Many family law attorneys agree: Instead of leaving the outcome of your case in the hands of a judge, divorce mediation can be a win-win for all parties, including your children. In divorce mediation, you have the opportunity, with the help of a neutral mediator, to sit down and create an agreement that works for both sides.

And, if it doesn’t work, you can have a hearing in front of a judge. Since 1992, we’ve been a part of countless divorce mediations and trials.

Attorneys for Mediation in Divorce Cases in Baltimore, Maryland

You may have heard of divorce mediation as the way to handle your divorce — and it might very well be what leads you to resolve yours, even if it’s a complex divorce case with major property division and child custody issues.

But both parties must come to the table ready to talk. If that happens, real progress can be made. Call us to find out what you need to do to make your mediation as productive as possible.

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What Is Divorce Mediation?

Here’s how Maryland divorce mediation can work for you:

Reduce stress — Just the word “divorce” can cause great stress on a family. But of all the ways to resolve a divorce case, mediation is one of the least stressful.

  • Save money — It’s no secret that divorce can be expensive. Mediation is generally less costly than litigation. If you can resolve your case at this stage, you save money.
  • Spare your children heartache — Like it or not, divorce is tough on children. But it can be made less so with divorce mediation, which is far less adversarial than litigation, reducing conflict.
  • Have more control — The family law judge usually orders divorce mediation before hearing the case in court, in an attempt to get the parties to resolve outstanding issues without the added time and expense of trial.

Whether or not divorce mediation is ordered by a judge, you manage the risks in divorce mediation. You control the outcome. You can discuss the issues that matter to you, whether or not they would matter to a judge.

When it comes down to solving problems, divorce mediation is one of the best avenues of dispute resolution — but you should consult with a family law attorney to make sure it’s right for you.

Finding Lawyers for Mediation in Baltimore, MD

Divorce mediation works. And if it doesn’t, there’s always court. For a free consultation to learn more, call 443-709-9999 or send an email.