Pre-court Settlement

A pre-court settlement is an agreement made without going to the courtroom. With a pre-court settlement, you can save time, money and emotional stress – all while achieving what you want out of a divorce or separation. Essentially, you can skip out on trial with a judge while achieving your goals.

Maryland law provides for two ways to handle a divorce or separation.

Trial. The most well-known way is to battle it out in the courtroom – often with multiple trips for hearings – in which, in the end, a judge issues a written decision called the order or divorce decree. In these cases, much of the decision-making power is in the judge’s hands, not yours.

Pre-trial settlement. The other (lesser-known) way to resolve a divorce or separation is to settle matters out of court. A pre-court settlement offers fewer trips to see the judge, less in attorney fees, and less stress on both you and your kids. And, when you settle out of court, you have much more control over how matters get decided, rather than the judge.

Attorneys for a Pre-Court Settlement in Batlimore, Maryland

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While most people say they’d prefer to settle out of court, the real art in actually doing that lies in experience. Consider hiring an experienced family law and divorce attorney at James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates to represent you.