Divorce Separation Agreements

The news that your spouse wants a divorce may come as a shock or surprise, even though you’ve known that you’ve had problems in your marriage. Or, if you’re the one asking for the divorce, perhaps you’ve been thinking about it for a long time. In either case, many cases are resolved through divorce separation agreements.

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What is a Divorce Separation Agreement?

For any divorce separation agreement in Maryland, the agreement takes place when both parties settle on the issues that matter most to them. These may include:

  • Children. Most parents take very seriously the matter of child custody, visitation and parenting plans.
  • Businesses. Those who own businesses often care greatly about what happens to their ability to continue operating the business after the divorce.
  • Real estate. The home is often a divorcing couple’s most valuable asset, at least in terms of keeping a roof over one’s head, and is a part of any Baltimore divorce property settlement.

Practically any major issue (and even the minor ones) can be covered in a divorce separation agreement in Maryland, down to the last detail, from what happens to the children, to dividing retirement assets and mutual funds, to how much child support the custodial parent is entitled to receive.

Attorneys on Separation Agreements in Maryland

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