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When An Employee’s Termination Is Legally Wrong

In Maryland, as in many other states, employees work “at the will” of their employers. This is what is known as “at-will” employment. In other words, employers can legally let workers go for no reason or any reason such as:

  • Economics
  • Downsizing of a business
  • Restructuring a business
  • Personality conflicts
  • Decisions to hire others in favor of workers being terminated

These are just a few examples of scenarios that happen often. At-will employment in our state means that no laws prohibit firings for these motives.

What is not legal in Maryland or elsewhere is termination for illegal reasons, as described below. If you suspect that you were laid off for an unlawful reason, contact an employment law attorney at JC Law.

What Makes A Firing Wrongful?

Knowing that your employer can fire you at will may not make you feel better when it happens to you. On the other hand, not realizing that a firing was wrongful can keep you from asserting your employment rights. Factors that may make a termination against the law in Maryland include:

  • Discrimination on the basis of race, age (over 40), religion or national origin
  • Retaliation for whistleblowing or for lawfully taking time off for family or medical reasons
  • Retaliation for objecting to discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace
  • An employer’s breach of an employment contract or agreement
  • An employer’s violation of an established labor force policy

Let JC Law be your ally if you suspect you have been let go illegally. We have the insights you are looking for and the strength to fight for you if fighting is the right course of action.

Turn To Our Employment Law Firm For Counsel And Direction

At JC Law, our team understands the emotional aspects of losing a job or of the fear of being fired. We are also confident that we can make a difference in your situation. Let us evaluate your case to determine whether you have the legal right to bring a wrongful termination claim.

To schedule a consultation, call 443-971-8884 or complete our online contact form. We are eager to hear your story and make recommendations on how to recognize and protect your employment rights.