What Is an Appeal?

The first level of court is called “trial” court, or the Maryland Circuit Courts. These courts decide most divorce and family law matters. But, if the decision at trial is unfavorable to one or both parties, an appeal can be made to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals. In an appeal, you can attempt to have a “second look” at what you feel was a wrong decision, like losing primary custody of your kids.

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Why Pursue (or Defend) an Appeal?

While not every case should be appealed, the reality is that major issues get decided at trial – like child custody – and divorce decrees and other court orders don’t always do the best job of protecting a person’s interests.

Pursuing an appeal. You may want to pursue an appeal if you lost primary custody of your children, for example, or you believe an issue of marital property was incorrectly decided. Defending an appeal. If you “won” at trial, you may face an appeal from the other side. This doesn’t mean that you will lose the next time around, but it does mean you have to respond to protect your rights.

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