Child Visitation

Maryland child visitation isn’t what it used to be. Well, it is, in some respects. It still involves the stress and emotion that come with divorce and the uncertainty about whether you’ll get to see your children. But it isn’t what it used to be in terms of the outcome. No, the mother is not going to get to keep the kids by virtue of her gender, and the father is not going to have to shell out thousands in child support every month without getting to see his kids.

On the other hand, that’s exactly what will happen if the situation calls for it and/or one side had no idea what his or her rights were in the process. You need someone to define and articulate what you need and want when it comes to child visitation. This is exactly why you need to consider hiring a child visitation lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland.

Create a Visitation Agreement

If you want to create a Maryland visitation agreement — it’s also called a parenting plan — you will need to come to the table with a basic understanding of your rights. Also, you will need to know what’s possible.

Parenting plans can be quite specific. They can detail the when, where, why and how you plan to spend time with your children, all while spelling out practical arrangements that need to be made between you and your ex-spouse or partner.

Child Visitation Lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland

Visitation isn’t just a word that lawyers use. Your visitation agreement — in other words, the time you get to spend with your child — will have a deep impact your life.

Visitation and parenting plans can be made fair. You just have to decide that you’re ready to work for it. If you want us to help you, call us today for a free initial consultation.

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