Domestic Partnerships

When it comes to domestic partnerships in Maryland, this is what you need to know: You resolve separation and other family law matters the exact same way married couples do. The issues are no different.

You don’t love your children any less. You don’t care about how to pay your mortgage any less. Our position, as Baltimore family law attorneys, is that no matter who you are and no matter how law and politics have framed the debate, you’re a person who deserves the very best outcome possible.

Domestic partnerships in Maryland are defined as relationships consisting of “mutual interdependence.” These can be same-sex or opposite-sex relationships.

In other words, two people can live together and raise a family together with some — but not all — of the rights that married couples enjoy, such as hospital visitation. Married couples may have more “rights” than domestic partners, but domestic partners face the same issues when they want to separate.

In the context of family law, domestic partnerships are dissolved by addressing the same matters that divorcing couples must address, including child custody, visitation and parenting plans, property division (assets and debts), and post-judgment modifications after separation.

Lawyers for Domestic Partnerships in Baltimore, Maryland

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