The Rights of Fathers

So-called “traditional” roles (Mr. Jones the breadwinner and Mrs. Jones the stay-at-home mom) have defined the family for generations. But today, it’s not so clear cut. Traditional roles have been changing for decades. This includes the role of a father, who is no longer expected to lose custody of his children by default of his gender.

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The Rights of Unmarried Fathers

Unmarried fathers typically have a lot of questions when it comes to their children in family law matters. But you don’t have to be an unmarried father to run into issues in divorce and family law cases. Below are just some of the ways in which the law affects fathers:

  • Domestic violence — Fathers accused of domestic violence risk losing child custody and visitation matters in court. Judges are far less willing to award primary custody to a father with a history of domestic violence or abuse allegations against him — even if the allegations are not true.
  • Adoption — Here’s one example: Your girlfriend may become pregnant. She decides to put the child up for adoption. The child is yours, too. You have a right to be involved in the decision.
  • Unmarried fathers — Unmarried fathers have just as much right as married fathers to enjoy a meaningful relationship with their children. The difference is that unmarried fathers must generally establish paternity.

Father’s Rights Attorney in Baltimore, Maryland

Just because we include information on our website about fathers’ rights doesn’t mean that we don’t equally care about the rights of women in family law. But we do acknowledge that fathers often face unique problems when it comes to family law and their children. Don’t let those problems ruin your chance for a meaningful relationship with your children.

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