Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce

Maryland Makes History with Popular Vote Upholding Same-Sex Marriage

On November 6, 2012, Maryland voters chose to uphold the Civil Marriage Protection Act, which legalized same-sex marriage in the state. This was the first time, along with two other states, in which same-sex marriage was upheld by popular vote. With this vote, Maryland made history toward marriage equality for lesbian, gay and transgender people.

Same-sex couples are just like opposite-sex couples. They’ll fall in love and get married. They may decide to have children and raise a family. Unfortunately, some same-sex marriages will also end in divorce. That’s where we come in.

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Legal Rights for Same-Sex Couples

Beginning 2013, same-sex couples in Maryland can get married. This also means they can get divorced. If you’re involved in a same-sex relationship, here’s what you can expect if you separate:

Children. You will be considered to be the parent of your child, just as your spouse, when it comes to child custody and visitation matters.

Assets. Maryland follows equitable distribution of property for married couples, which means fairness in dividing things like homes and retirement accounts.

Support. Financial spousal support, or alimony, will be determined case-by-case based on a number of factors, just how it is for opposite-sex couples.

Find Lawyers for Sex-Sex Divorce Cases in Baltimore, MD

Election Day 2012 wasn’t the end of the same-sex marriage debate, but it was a significant step forward in terms of legal rights for gays and lesbians. If you need legal assistance arising out of a same-sex relationship, consider hiring the family law divorce lawyers of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates. We offer a free consultation for all prospective clients.

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