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Move-Aways: Understanding Parental Relocation

In parental relocation cases, like most other types of family law matters, there are genuine opposing interests. In parental relocation (also known as “move-away” cases), the parent who has custody of the children wants to relocate to another city or state. Usually, it is for a job.

This, of course, affects the rights of the parent who does not have custody yet wants the ability to see their children regularly. Depending on where the custodial parent wants to move, the noncustodial parent may rarely get to see the children.

Child custody and visitation may already have been resolved in the settlement agreement or court order. But that does not mean it cannot change. The trick is in balancing the opposing interests of the parties.

Custodial And Noncustodial Parental Rights

We represent the rights of both custodial and noncustodial parents who are interested in maintaining a relationship with their children. We’ve handled thousands of matters for clients in Baltimore and throughout Maryland. In all these cases, we have seen the facts and circumstances that give rise to a judge allowing a parent to move – and those in which the judge does not allow the parent to move.

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