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Handling False Allegations In Divorce

False allegations are claims made by one parent against the other, usually involving allegations of domestic violence or abuse of some kind. Many of these claims have merit; some do not. The claims that are not entirely true are most damaging to an innocent person involved in a divorce separation – especially when something like child custody is on the line.

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Consider hiring us because we have been there since 1992. We are attorneys with years of experience representing people and families in Baltimore and throughout Maryland. We have handled the tough cases involving domestic violence and false allegations.

Why False Domestic Abuse Allegations Are So Much Trouble

Domestic violence is a serious issue handled by both the family and criminal courts. A domestic abuse allegation can result in criminal charges, but the damage may already have been done even if you are cleared of those charges.

Here’s why:

A mother (or even a father) may make false allegations in an effort to gain control over the outcome in a divorce or separation involving child custody. As a result, some family la judges will use extreme caution in making decisions, with unfair bias against someone who has been accused of abuse. In other words, false allegations can mean you end up losing primary custody – even visitation time.

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