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JC Law Reviews

Family Law


I called on the The Law Office of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates, LLC to help me with a family issue that was happening suddenly and with very little notice, they responded and jumped into action. Elana Raphaely showed up and immediately had my daughter feeling at ease, which was very important to me. My daughter was upset and scared, but Elana handled her well. Even when my daughters mother showed up, yelling and towering over Elana, she stood her ground and didn’t back down. I was very impressed. Even though things didn’t go as hoped for that day, I was very pleased with Elana’s effort. Having to head into a different direction to secure the happiness and well-being of my 3 kids, I was assign Zachery Groves. Again, I was impressed with the speed in which Zack jumped in with both feet, taking over for Elana, and got things rolling. Zack explained the plan of attack, the paperwork that I needed to file, the procedures that would need to happen, all along, assuring me he would see that my kids were safe and I would soon see them. I met with James Crawford briefly to discuss a few things and he listened to what I had to say and quickly made sure that I was happy. One of the things I was most impressed about, was that even though Zack had made a few procedural mistakes, he immediately took responsibility for them, didn’t try to hide them, and fixed them. The Judge even commended him for doing so. Zack has been in my kids corner this entire time, fighting for them, which I am so grateful for. My case was very tough, on many levels, but Zack never gave up. It has been a 16 month ordeal, but yesterday, I got to see my kids finally, and it was all due to Zack’s diligence, hard work and the “Never give up” attitude he always projected. I was down on several ocassions after terrible rulings, worried for my kids safety and well-being, but Zack never gave in. He knew going in the battle would be very tough, but he always believed in my love for my kids and that we were doing the right thing for them. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome or the service provided by Zack and his associates. I have told Zack in the past, that I will let my kids know just how hard he fought for them and now I will get that chance due to the outstanding job he did. So, thanks Zack, for everything.


I retained Zack Groves for an “uncontested” divorce who was very professional and explained the best way to proceed efficiently and in a way to minimize my time and financial exposure. During the process he gave me key information and counsel that saved me the atty’s fees several times over. At one point there was a misunderstanding with the other party over a sizable sum of money and Zack resolved the matter immediately which itself almost paid for my atty’s fees. I picked through the invoices carefully as the legal profession is all about billable hours and did not find anything that caused me concern or seemed unreasonable for the work needed to conclude the case. I saw a few older reviews on a forum for this firm that were less than glowing but if you walk into a law firm with no idea how it works and/or unprepared to do some work yourself to provide the necessary information for the case as well as a clear direction then you need to expect to pay for a lot of hours that were unnecessary. That’s with ANY firm. I thought Zack did a good job of being receptive, offering solutions, communicating with opposing counsel, and fighting for and keeping my concerns in mind throughout. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to someone else or to use him again should the need arise.


The staff here and Attorney Groves were so compassionate and eager to help solve my emergency custody case. He did everything he could to the best of his ability and the staff were reliable, knowledgeable and fast. They worked with me to get my son back and I will forever be grated for them and how they handled me during this delicate time. Thank you to the staff at James E Crawford and Associates and Especially Mr. Zachary Groves, Esq.


Mr. Groves is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in Domestic Law. I value his expertise in my particular cases. He was wonderful at advocating for me in court and seeking what is in my best interest during what is a stressful and difficult chapter in life.


I would recommend The Law Offices of James E. Crawford. Mr. Zachary Groves from the Law office of James E. Crawford represented me in my legal matter. His services are very detail oriented. As a communicator, Mr. Groves is effective in two ways: 1) As important legal dates approach, he will make contact. 2) When Mr. Groves needs to explain the law, he is able to explain it to a “normal” person like me and not come off like he is condescending. Thank you.


Zack attained the result I was looking for and provided excellent cross examining skills and knowledge of family law beyond the Judge and opposing attorney. This provided a strong case to get the results desired. I recommend Zack if you need experienced representation in court.


Worked hard with me for more than 14 months of hard case has always been there with advise and made me feel better about the most trying time in my life. This goes for not only the lawyers I worked with but the staff as well thank [you] Zack

V. B.

I highly recommend Zack Groves for your divorce attorney. Zack took over my contested divorce from another lawyer, which is hard to do. My divorce was adversely affecting my health. Zack and his team met with me and assured me they would actively work with me to get the best possible solution. I left 2 binders and a stack of paper documents of information. Zack immediately started work and restarted communications with the opposing lawyer. He has always passed on information and consulted me on his plans for my case. I will update this recommendation periodically as my divorce progresses.


We’ve been waiting 14 years to win this battle. With the help of Zack Groves, we fought the state of MD and won! The Bureau of Support Enforcement was prorating my alimony and child support payments. This meant that every dollar I paid towards child support, the state was giving 80% of it to spousal support. Since I wasn’t able to pay the enormous alimony, this meant that my child support arrears was becoming astronomical. However, thanks to my wonderful wife, and Zack Groves, we fought the system and won. The judge agreed that Child Support and Child Support Arrears should take precedence over spousal support. With just one more hurdle to clear, the Bureau of Support Enforcement will audit my entire account, my child support arrears will finally be where it is supposed to be, and we will have a Wonderful Christmas. Mr. Groves was personable, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. What I liked most about Mr. Groves is that he was open to ideas. Thank you Zack for a job well done Sir!


I have been involved in an extremely complex and lengthy, high conflict divorce with Zack by my side the entire time. We have endured six attorneys on the other side and a plethora of misrepresentations and motions. I had no idea what I was up against or how difficult and expensive the divorce process could be when I first filed. The level of trust and comfort I feel with Zack is more than I expected. He truly cares about me and my case and has gone above and beyond what any attorney would do. I feel I have made a lifelong friend in addition to hiring an “A” game attorney. Divorce is a life changing event and you need an attorney who is sharp, experienced, ethical and involved. With Zack you will not just be “one of his cases”, you will feel like you are his “only case”.


I needed help and guidance with my Divorce. Mr. Tabaku helped me through each step, clearly explaining everything in terms I was able to understand. He didn’t make me feel like I was bothering him (as I did have a lot of questions) and had patience throughout the entire process. I would definitely use his services if needed in the future. Very highly recommended!


Florian Tabaku was extremely helpful as well as professional. He advised me on actions to prepare for my court date, and helped me get better outcome than I ever could have asked for. I highly recommend him!


Great lawyer and very caring. Defended me on 2 restraining orders. Always had strategy in my divorce and most importantly thought about what would be best for my children


I had physical custody of my three young children, when my ex-wife filed for a custody modification. She was represented by two well-seasoned divorce and child custody trial lawyers with experience in national high-profile cases. After almost two years of paying my attorney, I could not afford to pay her to represent me at my child custody, child support and divorce trials. I was referred to Mr. Tabaku by my ex-lawyer after my ex-wife and her attorneys bankrupted me. Mr. Tabaku understood my trouble and agreed to represent me. The first time I met Mr. Tabaku, I immediately noticed his calm demeanor. He listened and was genuinely sympathetic. There was a quiet confidence about him that brought me peace. I was so use to complete chaos. My ex-attorney and my ex-wife’s attorneys yelling and arguing every conversation. All the lies and ill feelings. Life was stressful! Mr. Tabaku changed all of that immediately. Mr. Tabaku took over my case shortly before my child support and child custody trial.I was a nervous wreck! Almost two years of paperwork behind my children and I. How on God’s green earth was he going to know everything before trial? The day of the trial, Mr. Tabaku knew the LAW and we won our trial. Mr. Tabaku later got me what I wanted in the divorce too. My wife appealed the decision but Mr. Tabaku was flawless in handling the appeal as well. Never giving into the opposition’s shenanigans or intimidation tactics. I thank God, I crossed paths with Mr. Tabaku. He is truly a genuine person and is committed to fight for fathers’ rights! Although I would not expect anything less for mothers’ rights. He is passionate about his work and clients. My children and I Thank him!


Very professional. Florian did a great job representing me in my divorce.


Florian Tabaku[ ]produced an amazingly fair and just ruling!A while before I met Florian[,] another Maryland lawyer was happy to take a big retainer, bill me for every second and get me no results.Worse; what the other lawyer did for me was:make me feel more desperate and anxious than I already was, and make me lose faith in the justice system.This other lawyer left me to think that my future was very bleak, and that whoever has access to the most money, prevails in court.I was at my wit’s end and almost concluded that I did not stand a chance against other expensive lawyers and a manipulative opponent at the time.An opponent, who through dissipation had taken possession of all the marital funds and while living like a king, deserted me and stuck me with a debt.Thank God for Flo[.]Indeed, as someone else on Yelp stated also:I felt so relieved as though a big burden was lifted when Florian and his law firm partner called me up after I contacted the Bar Association to explain the complexity of my case and ask the Bar Association for help and experts. Pretty much after the first phone call with[ ]Florian, I knew this was a compassionate and hard-working team of lawyers.Florian is great in being so laid-back and calm when you as a client are anxious and emotional because there is so much at stake. And with emotions and finances having become all intertwined in divorce.Finding your way through the slow and procedurally cumbersome justice system is no easy feat on the nerves.I had to practice patience and battle a sense of hopelessness many times to deal with it. But [Flo] stood by me, paved the way, and more importantly: booked an amazing result.[Flo’s] final performance meant 3 straight (8 hours a day) in court for the divorce trial. I don’t know how I would have gotten through final those days without them.What a fine lawyer.


Mr. Tabaku handled my divorce case last year. His knowledge of divorce law was crucial to my case and resulted in a favorable decision. I recommend him to anyone who is in need of a great divorce lawyer..

Criminal Defense


A place for veterans and compassion. I contacted The Law Offices of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates after having a Peace Order filed against me. The accusations were outlandish, false, and slandered both my character and my name. I was in need to find strong legal representation that would see through the fabricated story. Mr. Aaron Goodwin was assigned as the primary legal counsel in my defense. Mr. Goodwin’s priority was to understand who I am as a person before putting together any type of defense strategy. Over the next few days Mr. Goodwin and his team had a sound strategy backed by solid preparation. The result was a favorable decision on my behalf. I am confident without firm’s representation the outcome would have been different.


This is the best firm , i was helped by Mr Takabu on my traffic case . Mr Takabu was very great, calm and outgoing ,made sure i gained success in my case . James E. Crawford Jr & Associates firm is very professional and go all out for their clients to make sure their problems gets solve without any worries .


i was helped by Mr Takabu on my traffic case . Mr Takabu was very great, calm and outgoing ,made sure i gained success in my case .


Florian Tabaku was extremely helpful as well as professional. He advised me on actions to prepare for my court date, and helped me get better outcome than I ever could have asked for. I highly recommend him!

Business & General Legal Services


We were very happy with the fast response time, attention, professionalism, and overall knowledge of Zachary Groves and his firm. I would definitely recommend him.


Zachary Groves takes my case very seriously and is continually advocating for me. He also always makes time to get back to me promptly.


Attorney Zachery Groves and his 5 star team operate with a professionalism you can count on. The handling of my case was impeccable. Two other lawyers from a different firm previously tried to handle my case resulting in financial loss and disappointment. Then I hired attorney Zachery Groves. This was a smart legal move. Zack and his [team] were able to work thru the court system with ease, precision and confidence. Attorney Groves took charge and said in a confident reassuring voice “It’s my job to protect you”. Attorney Groves remove the stress from my life by leveling the field where the case was unfairly stacked against me. Today I am a product of a winner from the law offices of James E. Crawford and associates.


By far the best law firm I have ever worked with. Mr Crawford was very open, friendly, and helpful. I would surely acquire his services again if needed. He was very knowledgeable and responsive and reasonable. Everyone in the office was nice and they really know how to make it about the customer.


Florian Tabaku was extremely helpful as well as professional. He advised me on actions to prepare for my court date, and helped me get better outcome than I ever could have asked for. I highly recommend him!


I wish there were more stars! Florian Tabaku did an outstanding job on my case against my contractor in Montgomery County. He did thorough research and was totally prepared for trial. He was brilliant and we won much more than expected! I highly recommend him – he’s very kind and understanding and tough when appropriate !! A great lawyer.