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Accusations of illegal gambling can result in numerous related charges, from money laundering to criminal conspiracy. Make sure you’ve got experienced criminal defense counsel to make your case in federal court – get JC Law on your side.

What Is Legally Considered Gambling?

What Makes Gambling Illegal?

Is Fantasy Football Considered Gambling? Is Sports Betting Legal In Maryland?

What Are Possible Penalties For Federal Charges Of Illegal Gambling?

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Fight Against Gambling Charges?

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James Crawford 5x7 2020-Founding Partner and Senior Litigator

Jim Crawford

Founding Partner & Senior Litigator

Jim believes that the power to change the life of even one client is worth more than any amount of money or prestige. That's why he's spent just about every day of his working career in a Maryland courtroom, giving clients their opportunity for justice.

Mark Sobel 2020-Criminal-Criminal Department Manager and Senior Litigator

Mark Sobel

Criminal Department Manager & Senior Litigator

Originally a lawyer from the Big Apple, Mark and his family relocated to Charm City to represent Marylanders for both criminal and civil matters. Whether it's a traffic-related charge or a serious criminal matter in the District or Circuit Court, you'll want Mark in your corner.

April Jones 2020-Criminal-Paralegal

April Jones


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