Protect your relationship before marriage with prenup agreements.

Maryland Post- and Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys

You can show respect for your partner’s previous successes – and protect your own property – by crafting a fair prenup before wedding bells ring.  

JC Law works with couples in every situation to create fair prenuptial agreements that everyone hopes will never be used.

What Does A “Prenup” or “Prenuptial Agreement” Do In Maryland?

Why Should I Get A Prenup?

Exactly What Can A Prenup In Maryland Cover?

How Can I Get A Maryland Prenup?

Are All Prenups Valid And Enforceable In Maryland?

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Florian Tabaku 2020-Family-Managing Attorney

Florian Tabaku

Managing Attorney

Clients looking for a dedicated, hard-working, thorough, and tough advocate that offers personalized attention for their unique case should ask for Florian. When Flo handles your case, expect professional, responsive, and proactive representation that gets results.

Zachery Groves 2020-Domestic Partner and Senior Litigator

Zachery Groves

Domestic Partner and Senior Litigator

For your domestic case, the buck stops with Zack Groves. Zack's priority is to maintain your family and quality of life, no matter what your case entails, with individualized representation.

Timothy Sutton 2020-Family-Senior Litigator

Timothy Sutton

Senior Litigator

Timothy's current clients on domestic litigation leverage his nearly 20 years' experience litigating in state, federal, and administrative courts throughout Maryland. Work with Timothy if you want a legal ally who can truly connect with you and your case to achieve your desired outcome.

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